The Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii (FCCH) and the State of Hawaii, in collaboration with the Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu, Hawaii-Philippines Business & Economic Council (HPBEC) and Hawaii’s business and community organizations, will be hosting the MabuHI Pacific VIRTUAL Expo & Summit on Oct. 6-8, 2021.

The goal of the event is to strengthen and maximize opportunities provided by the sister relationships between the State of Hawai’i and its local governments with their counterparts in the Philippines. Accordingly, the symposium will be structured to allow participants to share ideas, learn new strategies in governance or community organizing, showcase successful initiatives that strengthen links between Hawai`i and the Philippines, or share new technologies and creative use of social media.

Call for Papers Guide:

Share your knowledge as a panelist or presenter along these topics:

Track A
• Governance and sisterhood: maximizing its benefits
• Civic and community engagement via use of social media
• Shaping cities—role of institutions and communities
• Disaster management: best practices
• Infrastructure planning and climate change

Track B
• Retirement and reverse migration
• Dual citizenship: pros and cons to US citizens
• Health care beyond borders: portable Medicare
• Real estate, place-based investments & business opportunities
• Hawaii-Philippines linkages in social services

Track C
• Education and professional consulting services
• Outsourcing and back-office services
• Technology transfer
• Environmental protection and use of renewal energy
• Student exchanges in the secondary and tertiary levels

Track D
• Creative industries and tourism
• Historic preservation as a visitor attraction
• Sports and recreation diplomacy
• Fashion as a cultural statement
• Cultural appropriation: impact on design

Track E
• Filipino cuisine—adaptation to global tastes
• Export-import issues and transfer of goods
• Jones Act: its trade implications to Hawaii and the Philippines
• Monetizing cultural exchanges: film, print & digital media
• Social entrepreneurship: NGOs & local government initiatives

 Inquiries about the symposium can be sent to Rose Cruz Churma at

Submission Schedule

June 30: Call for Papers submission deadline

July 15: Emails sent out regarding status (accepted, not accepted, waitlist).

July 30: Deadline to accept invitation, receipt of requested materials (bio and photo)

Submission Requirements

  1. Provide your proposed title, a brief description and why this will be valuable to the participants of this symposium.
  • Identify at least one confirmed speaker and his/her title or affiliation.  
  • Please confirm that the submission supports, and is in alignment with, the event’s goals and objectives and are consistent with the identified tracks for discussion.
  • Films, documentaries and video presentations are accepted provided that a host is identified who will provide background information or be available for a Q&A after the screening.
  • A group of volunteers selected by the Hawaii Philippines Business & Economic Council (HPBEC), the organization organizing the symposium, will select the proposals based on a set criteria established by the group


Speakers or panelists may be limited in the number of sessions he or she may present;

Organizations may also be limited in the number of sessions they are represented on. 

All selected speakers will be asked to complete an electronic Speaker Agreement and to provide a professional photo for marketing purposes and will be given general admission to the event.

The organizers reserve the right to develop these sessions using a combination of proposals and/or invited presenters.

Sessions can be scheduled at any time during the conference and speakers must be available any time during the day of the symposium.

Submissions promoting only specific product brands, services, or proprietary technologies will not be considered.   However, sponsorships to promote specific products and services can be accommodated during the three-day event.  

Proposals are received with the understanding that speakers are providing their time preparing and delivering the presentation without compensation.

Session submitters may not propose speakers without the knowledge and permission of the proposed speakers. All proposed speakers must be able and willing to present at the symposium at the time and date assigned.

Accepted presenters who are not able to attend must notify symposium organizers immediately. Replacement presenters must be suggested and approved by the symposium organizers. They reserve the right to modify or cancel any session based on a change in presenter. # # #